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Pet wedding Chaperone

I offer a pet wedding chaperone service so your beloved pets can be involved on your special day.

I want to make your wedding day perfect for you and your pet. This includes getting your beloved pet ready before the photo shoot.

I will pick up and drop off to the photo shoot and help them be engaged while getting photos taken.

I can also offer accessories for your pet, such as flowers, bow ties, mini suits, etc.

I can attend rehearsals, if required, if you would like your pet to have a role such as ring bearer.

I know that your pet may feel nervous or excited in a new place, so I will do my best to help them feel comfortable and happy.

I will keep their usual schedule of exercise and meals, and provide them with water and their favourite food.

I will also find a cozy spot for your pet at the wedding venue, where I can bring some familiar items from home, such as their bed, blanket or toys.

If the event gets too loud or crowded for them, I can take them to their cozy spot and let them relax.

Whether you want your cat or dog to play a big or small role in your celebration, I can customise my package to suit your preferences and your pet’s needs.

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