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Dog walking

 **I offer 2 basic walk packages:

1 hour group walk – for dogs who need a regular exercise run or for energetic dogs who need to burn off energy, or a break in their day to tire them out whilst waiting for their owners to return home. I go out to beaches, woodland areas and fields, where they can really let off steam and play to their hearts content.

Group Price: 1 hour – £14.

* Extra dog per household £6

I can also offer Solo walks if your dog doesn’t like the company of other dogs and needs our undivided TLC.

Solo Price: 1 hour – £18

*Extra dog from the same household £10

Don’t forgot my pop in visits which are available for all animals. I can let out into the garden, feed, play and administer medication. Or I can just check up on your dog if they need to see a friendly face, but don’t need to go out for a walk. CLICK HERE for prices.

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